Reach RS2- Multi-band RTK GNSS receiver with centimeter precision

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(blechnews) - Gets a fix in seconds
Reach RS2 gets a fixed solution in just seconds and maintains robust performance even in challenging conditions. Centimeter accuracy can be achieved on distances up to 60 km in RTK, and 100 km in PPK mode.
PPP Support
RINEX raw data logs are compatible with PPP services so you can now get centimeter-precise results in any place on Earth. Process RINEX files in an online service and get position with absolute accuracy.
Supporting multiple frequency bands, Reach RS2 fixes 10 times faster, works on longer baselines and supports PPP processing. Reach RS2 can also deliver centimeter accuracy in areas where Reach RS struggled: narrow city streets, forests, and in close proximity to buildings or machinery.
Built-in 3.5G Modem
Reach RS2 features a power-efficient 3.5G HSPA modem with 2G fallback and global coverage. Now corrections can be accessed or broadcasted over NTRIP independently, without relying on an Internet connection on your phone.
22 Hours in 1 Charge
Up to 22 hours of autonomous work when logging data and up to 16 hours as a 3G rover, even in cold weather—no more need to carry spare batteries with you. Reach RS2 can charge from a USB wall charger or a power bank over USB-C.
Surveying with ReachView
The most user-friendly software for data collection that is available both for Android and iOS. With ReachView, you can collect and stake out points and control all the features of Reach receivers, such as setting up a base station, logging RINEX data, and configuring NMEA output.

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